About Us

Forward Looking Nepal is a disabled people’s organization (DPO). Its main office is at Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal and it has been working in different geographical areas through it’s’ project office in order to implement its strategic plans. Our aim is to help transform the lives of disabled and underprivileged children by providing them basic education and skill based training.

FLN has been working since its establishment for the empowerment/capacity building of disabled children e.g. physically handicapped, blind, deaf and other needy children from indigenous, low caste, internally displaced and marginalized children. The organization believes that the opportunity to pursue an education or income generation/vocational training will empower disabled and other needy children to become self sustaining, contributing members of the family and ultimately to become back bone of the society.

FLN focuses on empowerment/capacity building of disabled, single women, low caste, indigenous and marginalized through formal education and providing different skill based training  The organization has gender balanced in leadership, opportunity, equal participation, roles/ responsibilities and has high decision making power.

Mission of the organization: To build capacity of disabled and underprivileged children through providing appropriate education and self employment/skill training, awareness on the social issues, health and sanitation, environment and holistic development of focused group.

Vision of the organization: Transform the lives of disabled, displaced, indigenous groups, and underprivileged children, emphasis will be given to women and children through formal education or self employment/skill training in order to live dignified life.